Basic Personal Tax

Personal tax return preparation varies dramatically based on the scope of investments and other life style decisions. For many taxpayers however, preparation of the tax return does not change much year to year. In these cases the standard level of personal tax preparation is adequate.

  • Preparation of a complete and accurate return
  • Evaluation of all possible tax deductions to minimize your tax bill
  • Educate you about your taxes and the fact that if you make money, you must pay taxes
  • Apply the smell test to identify red flags that might cause you to be audited
  • Provide appropriate options for your schedule C business including depreciation of business equipment
  • File your electronically and completely to avoid IRS scrutiny
  • Tax structuring services are ala carte
  • Tax audits are ala carte

Price from: $400

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Deluxe Personal Tax

This level of service relates to the taxpayer that has greater control over when and how they receive their taxable income. This type of taxpayer will desire to manage their tax situation throughout the years rather than once a year at the tax preparation time.

  • All of the Standard features
  • Specialized tax business newsletter based on the real world
  • Examine the business decisions available to you throughout the year that affect your tax bill
  • Educate you about eh difference between your tax return and financial statements
  • Quarterly tax estimates
  • Meet with your financial planner to evaluate how your investments affect your taxes
  • Evaluate your tax strategies in comparison to your overall financial goals

Price from: $800

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